A comment about this site from its curator Dr Doug Spowart

Dr Doug Spowart portrait

This website attempts to provide information about the art and practice of the photobook in the Antipodes – Australia and New Zealand. I do not limit my definition of the ‘photobook’ but rather accept the breadth and depth of this evolving medium to include the historical photographically illustrated books, albums, catalogues, the emergent photobook, zines, artists books, text-only references to photography and photo ephemera.

This information and images has been compiled over many years as a result of my interest in the photobook from the historical viewpoint as well as its contemporary phenomenon. I am particularly interested in books where the photograph acts as the principal narrative agent. Additionally I am also drawn to the haptic experience and design of the book and how it operates as a vehicle for presenting ideas and telling stories.

Thanks for visiting this site!

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