Three NEW commentaries on Australian & New Zealand Photobooks to be launched at the Melbourne Art Book Fair

Libby Jeffery from MomentoPro and the Antipodean Photobook blog are excited to announce that a special launch will take place at the 2019 Melbourne Art Book Fair of two milestone books relating to photobooks in Australia and New Zealand.

BOOK 1 – The catalogue of the latest Australian & New Zealand Photobook Awards a yearly event since 2010 that is coordinated by the MomentoPro team of Libby Jeffery and Geoff Hunt.

BOOK 2 – MomentoPro’s ‘Publish your bloody book’ a guide for successful photobook publishing

BOOK 3 – A special updated version of Dr Doug Spowart’s ‘A Compendium of Australian Photobooks’ – the 3rd edition featuring photographers and photobooks, those who publish and design them, where to buy them and what are some of the discipline’s seminal books.


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