PHOTO 2022 PHOTOBOOK WEEKEND – A photo-stream archive of the event/s

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PROMOTIONAL TEXT from the PHOTO2022 website

Presenting some of the best new Photobooks, as well as many opportunities to learn and network, the Photobook Weekend will include casual talks and panel discussions, the Photobook Market, Portfolio reviews, social book launches, book signings and more. For fans and makers of photobooks, this event is not to be missed.


We canvassed photobook friends and acquaintances for images and words about their experiences of the PHOTOBOOK WEEKEND Event and have published them here in this post.

The presentation of post is in the form of a ‘Stream of Consciousness‘ feed.  All contributors are credited with their name in the photograph’s caption and contact information for them is included at the end of the post. Also included is a screeenshot of the complete program

A big thank you to Helen Frajman, Maggie Hollins, Libby Jeffery, Eric Nash, Suzanne Phoenix & Mike Reed for their images and texts.

In viewing this post those who attended will have memories refreshed, and those who were unable to attend will get a sense of the event.

Thank you to PHOTO 2022 FESTIVAL and event producer LINSEY GOSPER for including this special photobook EVENT IN THE program, the team at PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIES COLLEGE – the venue for the event, The KASELL DUMMY AWARDS, the PARIS PHOTO-APERTURE AWARDS and the ASIA-PACIFIC PHOTOBOOK ARCHIVE for Making avAilable books from their collections.




Eric NASH - Rachel Main Book Launch
Rachel Main Book Launch   PHOTO: Eric Nash

ERIC NASH – Director Benalla Art Gallery

Really great event and set up and mix of stallholders. I liked the format of talks at the stalls every 30-60 minutes. Great weekend too for our current exhibitors in our Photo 2022 shows at the Benalla Art Gallery; Atong Atem launched a book and the OCULI show members – Alana Holmberg won the Australian Photobook Award and Sean Davey also launched a photobook.


Helen FRAJMAN - M33
Helen FRAJMAN – M33


Here’s some books that I loved and some people behind them …



Mike REED - On the Melbourne Photobook Collective table
Mike Reed    PHOTO: Anne Davies table

MIKE REED – Melbourne Photobook Collective

Just recovering from a great weekend at PHOTO 2022. I think the Photobook Weekend, hosted by the Photography Studies College was a huge success. The Photobook Market was buzzing and the workshops were thought-provoking. At the Melbourne Photobook Collective stall Mike Reed, Anne Davies. Stu Murdoch and Bill Stewart were very happy selling their books and chatting with those who were interested in the latest works. And we had a fun time discussing our favourite books in our Reading Photobooks workshop. All very stimulating!


ANNE DAVIES – Melbourne Photobook Collective

The Photobook Market was buzzing and the workshops were thought-provoking. At the Melbourne Photobook Collective stall we were very happy selling our books and chatting with those who were interested in our latest work. And we had a fun time discussing our favourite books in our Reading Photobooks workshop. All very stimulating!



SUZANNE PHEONIX – Photos Punctuate My Life

Informal book launches worked really well, people could stick around or keep wandering and look at other books while they were on.


Suzanne PHEONIX - Ece Caliskan+Ross Coller
Ece Caliskan+Ross Coller     PHOTO: Suzanne Phoenix

.For me there were lots of wonderful chats with people, made new friends and networking was optimum conditions!


Suzanne PHOENIX - Ana Paula Estrada
Ana Paula Estrada   PHOTO: Suzanne

.I reconnected with photographers who I did a CCP masterclass presented by Stephen Dupont and Marshall Webber of Booklyn back in 2015 – including Ana Paula Estrada. Her 2 large newspaper style books, from time spent with older people in their homes/residential care during COVID. Over 50 hours of recorded interviews is distilled down to just a handful of images along with text. She said her work is all about ‘reduction’


Ali MC table PHOTO Suzanne Phoenix
Ali MC table PHOTO Suzanne Phoenix

Ali MC’s book of photographs in Iran. Sitting at tables next to people you can get to learn a lot about them and their work. Love the suggestion of a book swap too.


Suzanne PHEONIX - William Stewart and his book Ancient Dialogues
William Stewart    PHOTO: Suzanne

.William Stewart’s ‘Ancient Dialogues’ Ancient Greek sculptures paired with modern figure studies. The diptychs are beautiful and each page spread is coloured differently with the whole book forming the rainbow spectrum.


"Southside" by Feckarse
“Southside” by Feckarse   Book photos: Suzanne Phoenix

.This book was gifted to me also, I met the guy and he said it was for sale on the metropolis table – I really dig it…!





Mike REED - In the Photobook Market
In the Photobook Market   PHOTO: Mike Reed


To celebrate and advance the role of the photobook, PHOTO 2022 hosted a Photobook Market at Photography Studies College. City-wide audiences had an opportunity to browse some of the newest and most respected names in contemporary photobook publishing.

With over 20 stalls of Australian and International artists, publishers, designers and photobook advocates attendees had an opportunity to see, handle and purchase books by local and international photographers, publishers and bookstores.

Great conversations about photobooks also took place as well as networking opportunities and meetings with friends.

Stallholders included:

Ali MC Photography
Ana Paula Estrada & Louis Lim
Bad News Books
Cecilia Sordi Campos
Le Space
Melbourne Photobook Collective
Metropolis Bookshop
MoP Collective
Photo Collective
Pure Nowhere
RMIT student photobooks
Rohan Hutchinson (acb press)
Stavros Messinis
Suzanne Phoenix
Tall Poppy Press
The Little Black Gallery
Uneven Press




Libby JEFFERY - Announcing the Aust Photobook of the Year
Announcing the Australian Photobook of the Year   PHOTO: Libby Jeffery


Browse the 2022 Australian Photobook Awards shortlisted best new Photobooks and Pre-Press publications. This year there are three categories on exhibit: Photobook, Digital Pre-press, Student Pre-Press and Student Photobook.



Alana Holmberg - Porch Diaries
Alana Holmberg – Porch Diaries

WINNER: Alana Holmberg for Porch Diaries


Ying Ang - The Quickening
Ying Ang – The Quickening


HIGHLY COMMENDED:  Ying Ang for The Quickening



Johnathon Orrall - Houseplants
Johnathon Orrall – Houseplants

WINNER:  Jonathan Orrell for Houseplants


Pearce Leal - Night Gardeners
Pearce Leal


HIGHLY COMMENDED:  Pearce Leal for Night Gardeners


PRE-PRESS (Digital) – OPEN

Arrayah Loynd - Come And Find Me
Arrayah Loynd – Come And Find Me

WINNER: Arrayah Loynd for Come And Find Me


Gloria Salgado Gispert - In The Land Of No Worries
Gloria Salgado Gispert –


HIGHLY COMMENDED: Gloria Salgado Gispert for In The Land of No Worries



Clem McNabb - The Year - I Was 19 and Then I Was 20
Clem McNabb – The Year – I Was 19

WINNER: Clem McNabb for The Year I Was 19 And Then I Was 20


Stavros Messinis - Iland
Stavros Messinis – Iland



FOR A COMPREHENSIVE REPORT including  the Finalists, the Books and Spreads as well as BIOs on the Judges and the Awards Committeeon the Australian Photoook Award visit THE PHOTO COLLECTIVE’s SITE: HERE




this weekend has solidified the Photobook community in Melbourne if not in Australia


AND THEN  –  IT WAS ALL OVER …     Until next time …



The post has been prepared by Doug Spowart with the support of contributing photographers – They retain All copyrights in their images.
They can be contacted via theIR associateD Email addresses.


Helen Frajman

Maggie Hollins

Libby Jeffery

Eric Nash

Suzanne Phoenix

Mike Reed

Book cover photos courtesy of THE PHOTO COLLECTIVE





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