LAUNCHED AT THE MELBOURNE ART BOOK FAIR – MARCH 27   This year we invited over 20 institutions around Australia and New Zealand to nominate a student photobook for this list. We are excited that eight photographic courses responded and that we have an opportunity to showcase these photobooks in this Antipodean Photobook Blog post….

PHOTO 2021 – 52 ANZ Photobooks for TATE Britain: THE TITLES

THIS LIST WAS  LAUNCHED DURING THE PHOTO 2021 PHOTOBOOK WEEKEND 27+28 February   The Post compliments a Kristian Häggblom interview with Doug Spowart published on the PHOTO 2021 Online CHANNEL. Here are the 52 Australian and New Zealand photobooks selected by Doug Spowart and Victoria Cooper for the TATE Library to compliment the 12.5 photobooks…