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The Post compliments a Kristian Häggblom interview with Doug Spowart published on the PHOTO 2021 Online CHANNEL.

Here are the 52 Australian and New Zealand photobooks selected by Doug Spowart and Victoria Cooper for the TATE Library to compliment the 12.5 photobooks from all over the world donated by Martin Parr in 2018.  The TATE/Parr brief was to select photobooks from the 1946 era to the early 2000s.

Please note that some significant photobooks/authors are not included in the selection as Parr already had these books in his collection. These books included titles by Max Pam, Trent Parke, Bill Henson, Ans Westra and Harvey Benge.




AMENDOLIA+Balberstone+McGregor – Seeing is believing

Seeing is believing

Authors: Michael Amendolia (photographs), Simon Balderstone (text), Malcolm McGregor (editor)

Publisher: McGregor Publishers, Gold Coast for the Fred Hollows Foundation Queensland

Date: 1994

ISBN: 0 85921 164 9

Subject: A documentary project on the work of Professor Frederick Hollows, his Foundation and the National Trachoma and Eye Health Program (Australia). Features fieldwork in ophthalmology in undeveloped places including outback Australia and other developing countries.


BAGLIN – Dinkum dunnies

Dinkum dunnies

Authors: Douglass Baglin (photographs), Barbara Mullins (text)

Publisher: Eclipse Books, Dee Why West, N.S.W.

Date: 1971

Subject: A humorous document of Australian vernacular latrines, outhouses and toilets.

BEAL+Horne – Southern exposure

Southern exposure

Authors: David Beal (photographs), Donald Horne (text)

Publisher: William Collins (Australia) Ltd., Sydney, N.S.W.

Date: 1967

Subject: Documentary photography in the black and white gritty, grain and contrast 1960s style covering aspects of Australian history, nationalism, customs and social change.

CARTER – Outback in focus

Outback in focus

Author: Jeff Carter (photographs and texts)

Publisher: Rigby, Adelaide

Date: 1968

Subject: Colour and black and white documentary photography featuring Central Australian travel, economic sectors, agriculture and horticulture and pastoral industry. Includes aspects of Aboriginal rock art, the town of Alice Springs and its people and also the geographical formations of Central Australia including Uluru (formerly known as Ayers Rock) the Western MacDonnell Ranges and Kata Juta (formerly known as The Olgas).

CLIFFORD+Richards – More than a harbor

Sydney, more than a harbor

Authors: Beverley Clifford (photographs), Barbara Richards (text)

Publisher: Murray Publishing Company Pty. Ltd., Sydney

Date: 1969

Subject: Sydney Harbour: its people, work and leisure, shipping port, beach culture, fashion, and transport.

COX+Beier – Home of the people

Home of man: the people of New Guinea

Authors: Paul Cox (photographs), Ulli Beier (text/poetry)

Publisher: Thomas Nelson (Australia) Ltd., Melbourne

Date: 1971

Subjects: An ethnographic document consisting of black and white grainy and contrasty photographs accompanied by texts including translations of New Guinea native poems.

COYNE+West+Wilkes – Second Spring: The regeneration of the Jesuits

Second spring: the regeneration of the Jesuits

Author: Michael Coyne (photographs), Morris West (foreword), Paul Wilkes (introduction)

Publisher: WriteLight, Blackheath, N.S.W. Re-publishing with no revision of the earlier edition by Aurora Books (Richmond, Melbourne) in 1997

Date: 2005

ISBN: 0-9752450-2-3

Subject: A documentary photoessay on the Jesuits, their missions and missionaries in the 20th century in Australia and overseas.

COYNE+Pitts – Tour of duty

Tour of duty: photographic essay

Authors: Michael Coyne (photographs), Graham Pitts (text)

Publisher: Australia-East Timor Association, Melbourne, Victoria

Date: 2002

ISBN: 9780747576914

Subject: This book is a documentary record of the island of Timor-Leste (East Timor) soon after the war of independence in 1998. Coyne’s documentary style features the use of not only the usual 35mm black and white format but also the art photography tradition of plastic-lensed cameras like the Holga.

DUPAIN – Francis Greenway a celebration

Francis Greenway, a celebration

Authors: Max Dupain (photographs), John Maxwell Freeland (introduction)

Publisher: Cassell Australia Ltd., North Ryde, N.S.W.

Date: 1980

ISBN: 0 7269 22153

Subject: A dissertation through text and photographs of the buildings designed by colonial architect Francis Greenway, 1777-1837 in New South Wales.

DUPAIN+Boothroyd – Sydney builds an Opera House

Sydney builds an opera house

Authors: Max Dupain (photographs), A. Boothroyd (illustrations)

Publisher: Oswald Ziegler Publications, Sydney

Date: 1973

ISBN: 0909586055

Subject: The story of the Sydney House designed by Jørn Utzon and the building’s site at Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbour from its Aboriginal history to the completion of the building. Features a number of bland commercial portraits of politicians, project managers and stakeholders that give way to Dupain’s strident and heroic architectural images.

EDWARDS+Mears – Paradise is a place

Paradise is a place

Authors: Sandy Edwards (photographs), Gillian Mears (text)

Publisher: A Knoff Australia Book by Random House, Sydney

Date: 1997

ISBN: 0091836417

Subject:A photoessay from a child’s perspective of Australian childhood, youth and beach life.

ELLIS+Turner – Australian Grafitti

Australian graffiti

Authors: Rennie Ellis (photographs), Ian Turner (text)

Publisher: Sun Books, Melbourne

Date: 1975

ISBN: 0 7251 0206 3

Subject: Black and white photodocuments of mid 1970s Australian graffiti featuring humour, social and political commentary found in public paces including toilets.

ELLIS+STACEY – Kings Cross

Kings Cross Sydney: a personal look at the Cross

Authors: Rennie Ellis (photographs), Wesley Stacey (photographs)

Publisher: Thomas Nelson (Australia)

Date: 1971

ISBN: 0170019640

Subject: A photodocument of Kings Cross Sydney: its people, social and political issues including sex, prostitution, nightclubs, drugs, alternative lifestyles, clashes with religion and U.S. soldiers on R&R during the Vietnam war.

EVANS – Only one kilometre

Only one kilometre

Authors: Joyce Evans (photographs),  Ian Turner (text)

Publisher: Lothian Books, South Melbourne, Victoria

Date: 2003

ISBN: 0-7344-0583-9

Subject: National parks and reserves – Balcombe Estuary (Victoria). Photographs complemented by poetry related to the natural environment.

FOKKEMA – Portrait of an Australian Town- Wilcannia

Wilcannia : portrait of an Australian town

Author: Gerrit Fokkema (photographs)

Publisher: Harper Row, Sydney

Date: 1986

ISBN: 0063120828

Subject: Documentary photographs of the town of Wilcannia, New South Wales featuring photographs of the Aboriginal people from the Paakantyi / Paakantji / Barkindji nations, issues of life in outback Australia and the intermingling of Aboriginal and white Australians.

GEMES – The lanuage of oysters

The language of oysters

Authors: Juno Gemes (photographs),  Robert Adamson (poetry), John Kinsella (introduction)

Date: 1997

Publisher: Craftsman House, Sydney, N.S.W.

ISBN: 9057031019

Subject: 20th century Australian poetry and photography centred on the Hawkesbury River in N.S.W. The book features contemporary river life, natural environment, oyster farming, fishing, leisure and people and the Aboriginal connection with the location.

GOODMAN -The Australians

The Australians

Authors: Robert B. Goodman (photographer), George Johnston (text), Jonathon Rinehart (editor), Harry Williamson (designer)

Date: 1966

Publisher: Rigby, Adelaide

Subject: Australia in the mid 1960s: its people, landscape, industry, arts, sports, social and political conditions, life and customs. Although Goodman was an American photographer this book is significant in the Australian ‘photobook boom years’ of the 1960s and presents a ‘National Geographic’ styled positive view of Australia which was countered by David Beal’s Southern Exposure.

HARMAN – Green Bans

Green bans: the story of an Australian phenomenon

Author: Marion Hardman (photographs), Peter Manning (text)

Publisher: Australian Conservation Foundation, East Melbourne, Victoria

Date: 1975

Subjects: Political activism by conservation groups and trade unions about protecting historic homes and precincts from destruction by developers. The title comes from the name of the ban that unionists called their action.

HIRONS – Political Football

Political football: the Springbok tour of Australia, 1971

Authors: Alan Hirons (photographer), Stewart Harris (text)

Publisher: Gold Star Publications, Melbourne

Date: 1972

Subject: The book contains photographs as illustrations for the text which discusses the demonstrations in Australia during the 1971 Springbok Rugby Union football tour. Public opinion in Australia about the South African racial discrimination policy of Apartheid created riots and civil disobedience wherever matches were held in Australia.
The photographer was Alan Hirons who soon after this book’s publication went missing in South-East Asia photographing the war and insurgency in that region.

HOLLELEY – Visions of Australia

Visions of Australia

Author: Douglas Holleley

Publisher: Angus & Robinson Publishers, Australia

Date: 1980

ISBN: 0 207 14125 8

Subject: Australian landscapes both natural and agricultural seen through the imaging technologies of the Polaroid SX-70 and 4×5” and 10×8” Polaroid sheet film using the ‘joiner’ multi-imaging mosaic technique.

HURLEY – Australia a camera study

Australia a camera study by Frank Hurley

Author: Frank Hurley (photographs)

Publisher: Angus and Robertson, Sydney

Date: 1955

Subject: Australia in the mid 1950s: its people, landscape, industry, arts, sports, social and political conditions, life and customs.

JERREMS – A book about Australian women

A book about Australian women

Author: Carol Jerrems (photographs), Virginia Fraser (text)

Publisher: Outback Press, North Fitzroy, Victoria

Date: 1974

ISBN: 0868880078

Subject: A collection of portraits of Australian women photographed in various situations including posed portraits, street photos and candid documents in the subject’s
environment. The work is presented as individual images as well as sequences as narrative groups.

LINDSTROM – I’ll take Australia

I’ll take Australia

Authors: Georg Lindström (photographs), David Martin (text)

Publisher: Jacaranda Press, Brisbane

Date: 1978

ISBN: 0 70160995 8

Subject: A documentary project illustrating the lives of immigrants to Australia, chiefly from Europe in the post World War II era. Includes portraits, environmental portraits, photographs of meetings, cultural festivals and religious observations.

LYSSIOTIS – Journey of a wise electron

Journey of a wise electron; But she could sing and dance too (stirring stories for girls); And this little man went to work

Author: Peter Lyssiotis

Publisher: Champion Books, Melbourne

Printed: Backyard Press, Prahran, All Books Distrubution, Glebe N.S.W.

Date: 1981

ISBN: 0959700889

Subject: Artists’ book featuring experimental writing and poetry illustrated by photomontage works.

McINERNEY – Sturt and the children’s library

Sturt and the Children’s Library

Authors: Olive McInerney nee Olive Cotton (photographs), Winifred West (introduction), Olga Sharp (2 photographs & designer)

Publisher: Olga Sharp, Wahroonga, N.S.W.

Printed: Macdonald & Masterson Pty. Ltd.

Date: 1946

Subject: A documentary project depicting children learning art and craft in the Sturt Craft Workshops in Mittagong, N.S.W.

MIST – Made in Australia

Made in Australia

Authors: David Mist (photographs), Len Evans (text), Barbara Tilzey (designer)

Publisher: Paul Hamlyn

Date: 1969

Subject: Trendy 1960s styled portraits of influential young women in a broad cross-section of Australian society. The book’s design is overtly 1960s.

MOORE+BEAL – In the making

Australian art and artists in the making

Authors: David Moore and David Beal (photographers), Craig McGregor, Harry Williamson (designer)

Publisher: Thomas Nelson (Australia) Ltd., Melbourne

Date: 1969

ISBN: 17001819

Subject: Australian art and artists including Sidney Nolan, John Olsen, Jon Molvig, Ian Fairweather, Brett Whiteley, Robert Klippel, Arthur Boyd, Fred Williams, Harry Seidler with texts and photoessays depicting their artmaking processes and workspaces.

MONTFORD – Aboriginal Portraits

Australian Aboriginal portraits

Authors: Charles P. Mountford (photographs), Jane Robinson (texts)

Publisher: Melbourne University Press

Date: 1967

Subject: Australian Aborigines including social life and customs, initiation and funeral ceremonies, child rearing and gender relations, women and tribal elders. Locations include: Melville Island, Arnhem Land and Central Australia. Design features Aboriginal motifs.

ROSEN – Snap

Snap: a celebration of twenty years of social photogrpahy

Authors: Robert Rosen (photographs and text), Maggie Alderson (text), Dorian Wild (text)

Publisher: POL Corporate Publications Pty. Ltd., Redfern, N.S.W.

Date: 2000

ISBN: 0-646-40708-2

Subject: The world of the socialite – parties, openings, swish events. Subjects portrayed expressively posing for Rosen’s camera.

STRIZIC – Two thousand weeks

Two thousand weeks

Authors: Strizic Mark (photographer & designer), George Smith (designer)

Publisher: Sun Books, Melbourne

Date: 1968

Subject: Photographs from the movie set of Two thousand Weeks re-configured into a book form. The Australian feature film was written by Tim Burstall & Patrick Ryan, produced by Eltham Senior Productions and filmed in Melbourne, Australia from January to March 1968.

STRIZIC -Melbourne

Melbourne: a portrait

Authors: Mark Strizic (photographs and design), David Saunders (text), Leonard French (cover design)

Publisher: Georgian House, Melbourne

Date: 1960

Subject: The city of Melbourne featuring the people, architecture, street scenes and public spaces all recorded in a 1960s stylistic form both in the photographs and the book design. Contains multi-lingual texts in English, Italian and German.

TIPPING – Signs of Australia

Signs of Australia

Author: Richard Tipping (photographs and text)

Publisher: Penguin Books Australia Ltd, Ringwood, Victoria

Date: 1982

ISBN: 0 14 006764 4

Subject: A documentary record of an artist’s many road trips around Australia featuring the humorous aspects of graffiti, vernacular signage, the juxtaposition of signage and the changes to the meaning of signs caused by decay and damage. Many signs encountered became part of the artist’s ongoing life’s work.

YANG – Sadness


Author: William Yang (photographs and text)

Publisher: Allen & Unwin, St. Leonards, N.S.W.

Date: 1996

ISBN: 1864481870

Subject: A book of Yang’s monologue play of the same title in two acts, illustrated by photographs and texts. Features portraits and stories of the photographer’s friend’s suffering and deaths caused by the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s and early 1990s, and stories of his Chinese family background and early life in North Queensland.






Authors: Laurence Aberhart (photographs), Jock Phillips (introduction)

Publisher: Victoria University of Wellington, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand

Date: 2014

ISBN: 978-0-86473-933-9

Subject: A documentary project featuring New Zealand and Australian World War I soldiers’ memorials, statuary and monuments. The photographer used large format black and white photography and gelatine silver printing and toning techniques.

BLACK+Wedde – I loved you the moment I saw you

I loved you from the moment I saw you

Authors: Peter Black (photographs), Ian Wedde (text)

Publisher: Victoria University Press, Wellington, New Zealand

Date: 2011

ISBN: 978-0-86473-659-8

Subject: Documentary street photography of people in public places juxtaposed as pairs, in double-page spreads for the photographer to make comment about visual fragments in the prosaic space of the street.

BRAKE+Shadbolt+Lau+Hoyle – New Zealand gift of the sea

New Zealand gift of the sea

Authors: Brian Brake (photographs), Maurice Shadbolt (text), Raymond W.M. Lau, Maurice Shadbolt & Donna Hoyle (photo editors), Donna Hoyle (design)

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton, Auckland, N.Z.

Date: 1990

ISBN: 0 340 5196 30

Subject: Photographed by New Zealand born Magnum photographer Brian Brake, the book is a celebration of every aspect of New Zealand from its environment to Maori and European settlement. Chapters address social, industrial, political and historical aspects of the country. A re-editioning of the original version published by Whitcombe and Tombs in 1963. This later edition sought to redress concerns that the authors had of the first book’s ‘naivety’.

CARLIN – Beach New Zealand

Beach New Zealand

Authors: Jocelyn Carlin (photographs), Lloyd Jones (text)

Publisher: Daniel Bateman Ltd., Auckland, N.Z.

Date: 1999

ISBN: 1-86953-446-8

Subject: New Zealand beach life and culture.

CLEVELAND – The silent land

The silent land: a pictorial record of the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand

Author: Les Cleveland (photographs and text)

Publisher: Caxton Press, Christchurch, N.Z.

Date: 1966

Subject: Although usually described as a pictorial record of the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand the book is a lament for the way in which the natural environment is transformed by the fickle and transient commercial interests of human kind. The book shows degraded natural environments and crumbling buildings in streets inhabited by workers and their families.

CONNEW – On the way to an ambush

On the way to an ambush

Author: Bruce Connew (photographs and text)

Publisher: Victoria University Press, Wellington, New Zealand.

Date: 1999

ISBN: 0 86473 376 3

Subject: A photographer’s story about the duality of existence of being in a war zone in Burma documenting the insurgency and yet dealing with life issues of his family left behind in New Zealand.

COOK+Puke+Valentine – River road

River/Road: journeys through ecology

Authors: David Cook (photographs), Wiremu Puke (text), Jonty Valentine (design)

Publisher: Rim Books, Auckland, N.Z.

Date: 2011

ISBN: 9780473196998

Subject: From the publisher’s blurb: ‘River/Road takes an intimate look at the environmental, cultural, historical and economic factors that shape the ecology of our immediate environment. The narrative explores regional ecology from a bicultural perspective. The author’s trace a journey, following the parallel arteries of the Waikato River and River Road. The emphasis is on being ‘readers’ of the landscape. The authors bring a number of distinct voices to the project.’

FRIEDLANDER – Moko The art of Maori tattooing

Moko: Maori tattooing in the 20th century (The Art of Maori Tattooing)

Authors: Marti Friedlander (photographs), Michael King (text)

Publisher: Alister Taylor, Wellington

Date: 1972

Subject: A treatise on the custom and tradition of Maori tattooing is accompanied by photographs made by Friedlander that offer, not just descriptive portraits, but also an environmental tableau of family, place and situation for her subjects.

GODMAN – Last rivers’ song

Last rivers’ song: photographs of the Clutha and Kawarau

Author: Lloyd Godman (photographs), Brian Turner (introduction text)

Publisher: John McIndoe, Dunedin, N.Z.

Date: 1989

ISBN: 0868681121 (pbk)

Subject: A photo research project conducted as a elegy by the
author commenting on the end of two free-flowing
New Zealand rivers, lost in the damming of the waters
by Lake Dunstan.

JOWITT+O’Sullivan – Race day

Race Day

Authors: Glenn Jowitt (photographs), Vincent O’Sullivan (introduction)

Publisher: William Collins Publishers, Auckland, N.Z.

Date: 1982

ISBN: 0 00 216998 3

Subject: This book, as the title suggests, is a black and white photoessay on horse racing in New Zealand. Working in the documentary style the photographer captured views of horse racing beyond that which the race goers would normally see. While the view of most was concentrated on the winning post Jowitt turned his camera in the opposite direction and recorded the faces of the unsuccessful punters.

MACPHERSON+O’Brien – Old new world

Old new world

Authors: Mary Macpherson (photographs), Gregory O’Brien (text & interview)

Publisher: PhotoForum Inc., Auckland, New Zealand

Date: 2012

ISBN: 9780987659712

Subject: A documentary work commenting in a reflective, perhaps even sardonic way on New Zealand’s landscape, architecture, street scenes and visual ephemera.

MORRISON – Sense of place

Sense of place: photographs of New Zealand

Author: Robin Morrison (photographs)


SeTo Publishing Ltd., Auckland, New Zealand

Date: 1984

ISBN: 0-908697-01-5

Subjects: From the foreword; ‘… a collection of visual stories concerned with the way we present ourselves as New Zealanders.’

MORRISON+Keith – The South Island of New Zealand from the road

The South Island of New Zealand from the road

Authors: Robin Morrison (photographs), Hamish Keith (introduction)

Publisher: Alister Taylor, Martinborough, New Zealand

Date: 1981

ISBN: 0-908578-19-9

Subject: As the title suggests the book is a visual investigation of the South Island including the landscape, people, architecture and the curiosities of ‘place’.

NOBLE+Wedde+Porter – Iceblink

Ice blink: an Antarctic imaginary

Authors: Anne Noble (photographs), Ian Wedde (text), Gwynneth Porter (editor)

Publisher: Clouds, Auckland, New Zealand

Date: 2011

ISBN: 9780986462856

Subject: From the publisher’s blurb – ‘… the photographer has travelled to Antarctica on three occasions. In this book she has set; … imagery taken in Antarctic centres, aquaria and museums that study Antarctica with photographs of human encounters with the icy continent and the Antarctic imaginary.’

SAMESHIMA – Bold centuries

Bold centuries: photographic history album

Author: Haruhiko Sameshima (concept, texts and photographs)

Publisher: Rim Books, Auckland, N.Z.

Date: 2009

ISBN: 9780473144821

Subject: From the publisher’s blurb: ‘With photography as the locus, this book touches on a wide range of ideas such as: prehistory – geological timeframe, immigration, biculturalism, colonialism, land wars, modernism, postmodernism, technology and progress, agriculture, ecology, economies, retail environments, museum displays, documentary practices, fiction and popular culture.’

SHEEHAN+Burton – Character cafes of New Zealand

Character Cafes of New Zealand

Authors: Grant Sheehan (photographs), David Burton (text)

Publisher: Phantom House, Wellington, New Zealand

Date: 1994

ISBN: 0473026511

Subject: A documentary project using a panoramic camera and monochrome to record coffeehouses and cafeterias of New Zealand.

SHELTON+Brownson – Redeye


Authors: Ann Shelton (photographs), Ronald Brownson (text)

Publishers: Dewi Lewis Publishing, England

Date: 1997

ISBN: 1 899235 95 7

Subject: The book presents an insider’s view of the 1990s lifestyle, antics and activities of young creative people misbehaving and acting-up before the photographer’s camera in their homes, at parties and at clubs in Auckland.

TURNER+Cole – Te Atatu Me : photographs of an urban New Zealand village

Te Atatu me : photographs of an urban New Zealand village

Authors: John B. Turner (photographs), Grant Cole (text)

Publishers: Turner PhotoBooks and PhotoForum Inc., Auckland

Date: 2015

ISBN: 978-0-9597818-7-8

Subject: From the book’s blurb: ‘These photographs of everyday life in Te Atatu Peninsula, West Auckland, were captured for posterity between 2005 and 2012.’ Includes social life and customs, street scenes, buildings, history photographs and commentary about ‘place’.

WESTRA+Baxter+Shadbolt – Notes on the country I live in

Notes on the country I live in

Authors: Ans Westra (photographs), James K. Baxter and Tim Shadbolt (texts)

Publisher: Alister Taylor, Wellington

Date: 1972

Subject: A black and white photoessay by the photographer recording the people of her adopted home of New Zealand. The power of the book lies in the frankness and reality of the photographer’s vision in depicting her subjects in a way that was quite different to other books published at the time that presented a more sanitised social view.



In Australia visit the National Library of Australia’s online catalogue TROVE  to locate a library near you where these books could be seen



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