AUSTRALIAN PHOTOBOOKS @ The State Library of Victoria

State Library of Victoria Webpage-Photobooks
State Library of Victoria Webpage-Photobooks


During 2020 THE WORLD OF THE BOOK exhibition at the State Library of Victoria presented a brief history of photobooks including some striking Australian examples.

Principal librarian Des Cowley presented an online accessible video discussing the history of the photobook and some of the Australian books.

Due to the Pandemic the SLV was unfortunately closed for much of the year.


The SLV Australian Photobooks video presented by Des Cowley –

“CLICK” the Play arrow…

SLV Australian Photobooks exhibition
SLV Australian Photobooks exhibition


Books included in the exhibition were:

  • Ying Ang   Gold Coast
  • Lucy Dellar   Hands Doing Things
  • Yask Desai   Craigieburn it’s not the same
  • Maylei Hunt   Let’s eat cake
  • Carol Jerrems   A book about Australian women
  • Marcia Langton   After the Tent Embassy
  • Peter Lyssiotis   Journey of a wise electron
  • David Mist   Made in Australia
  • Louis Porter   Bad Driving
  • Clare Rae   Never Standing on Two Feet
  • Wesley Stacey & Rennie Ellis   Kings Cross Sydney: A personal look at the Cross
  • Mark Strizic & Robin Boyd   Living in Australia
  • Lloyd Stubber   Scram
  • Garry Trinh   Just Heaps Surprised to Be Alive
  • Sarah Walker   Second Sight
  • William Yang   Sadness


For those interested in extra information about the books selected the complete exhibition label is available by “Clicking” the following link:

Photobook-Labels -‘World of the Book’ exhibition-SLV






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