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As part of the Brisbane Photobook Club’s celebrations for World Photobook Day (WPBD) in 2015 Doug Spowart and Victoria Cooper coordinated an exhibition at Maud Gallery (now the Queensland Centre for Photography) in Brisbane that featured 67 Australian, New Zealand and some international photographer’s self-portraits imaged while reading their favourite photobooks.

The contributing photographers included their comments on why the book they selected was their favourite photobook.

Due to the interest in the original concept the project was extended and was re-titled “On Reading: Photobooks”. This extended phase of this project was inspired by the book “On reading” by André Kertész who curated photographs that he had made over many years of people reading books in all kinds of places.

In February 2016 a selection of contributions to the project were presented at Photobook New Zealand and later in that year a special set was exhibited at The Photography Room Gallery in Canberra.


Photographers and photobook luminaries included in the show included: Ying Ang, Daniel Boetker-Smith, Martin Parr (text only), Larissa Leclair, Harvey Benge, Louis Porter, Stephen Dupont (text only), Gael Newton, Jack Piccone, Juno Gemes, Kelly Hussey-Smith, Sam Harris, Sean Davey, Marshall Webber, Michael Coyne, Libby Jeffries, Alison Stieven-Taylor, Garry Trinh and Matt Johnston.

While the ON READING: PHOTOBOOKS is now 4 years ago the photobook makers included in the project, the books that they selected as their favourites and their comments on the books represent an interesting history on photobooks in the Antipodes…


So, we are pleased to present the ON READING: PHOTOBOOKS project with some selected sublissions –

a complete PDF of the project can be downloaded

HERE: ON READING: Photobooks-Complete Submissions.




Michael Coyne and Sebastiao Salgado’s Workers
James Giberd and Peter Black’s  Fifty Photographs
Daniel Boetker-Smith and Chris Killip’s    IN FLAGRANTE
Ying Ang and Sabine- Jacob Aue’s  Sobol


Thomas Oliver and Martin Parr’s Common Sense
Polixeni Papapetrou and Diane Arbus






PLEASE recognise and respect the Copyrights of the contributors.



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