AuNZed Photobook Awards: Evolving beyond the 1st 10 Years

Firstly a personal thank you to Libby Jeffery and Geoff Hunt

including Rony and the MomentoPro Team …

TEN YEARS dedication to the Australian and New Zealand Photobook Awards is HEROIC stuff… And were were excited to be swept up in it with you to contribute in our way …

Libby Jeffery – Through your enthusiasm, organisational skill and your way of connecting people, as well as Momento Pro‘s backing, so much has been achieved in giving recognition for the emergent ANZ photobook …

You and Geoff have helped form a robust foundation for the contemporary photobook in Australia and New Zealand on which its future is assured.

Our photobook community is indebted to you …

We also wish to note that you have passed the organisational batton on to the powerhouse of the PHOTO-COLLECTIVE in Australia, and in New Zealand – PHOTOBOOK NZ. We look forward to working together, continuing your vision for the recognition of the Antipodean Photobook on the local and international scene.

10 YEARS OF PHOTOBOOK AWARDS — there’s a “Book” in that…!

BEST WISHES for the Future …

From Victoria Cooper and Doug Spowart

Here’s a selection of images of events and activities associated with the ANZ Photobook Awards over the years …  Most images are from Doug Spowart’s documentation, and a couple of images encountered thru social media.


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